Thursday, January 28, 2016

FEAST - Short Animation

I have always had a love for animation, and I think that's mainly responsible because I survived on Disney & Pixar films growing up. One of my favorite things about the Pixar films is the animated shorts that always premiere before the movie. Although there are several to choose from, my favorite short is FEAST. From first-time director Patrick Osborne and Walt Disney Animation Studios, it follows the story through the eyes of an adorable little Boston terrier, a man’s best friend as he watches his owner go on the journey of a relationship, and is able to witness, and potentially save, the man's love life. What I love about this short is there is little to no dialogue throughout it, and yet you completely understand what is going on the entire time. The short is just a charming story that will pull at your heart strings. After having my first After Effects lesson, I have a whole new appreciation for animators, and especially for FEAST. The amount of time and effort that went into every last detail of the short is impeccable. I highly recommend you check out this short, and the rest of the Pixar shorts if you have not because they are a real treat to watch. 

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