Friday, November 22, 2013

DSLR rig, and video effects

This is a video about a a DSLR rig that the user Matthew Pearce put together, making a camera into a full fledged video rig. This cannon 5DMKIII has been completely outfitted to be used as a cinema quality device. This rig features a matte box for the front lens and an external monitor for enhanced viewing during video. Aside from the actual rig itself, the video features some nice effects to showcase the additions to the original camera. There are some nice stylistic titles to show each of the new parts for the camera rig. The titles as seen in the second shot were mapped to the footage to scale appropriately to the shot as it zoomed in. These are the kind of effects that we have been seeing in class, and would be easily replicated with our current skill set. I'm sure there was some color correction on this footage as well, and once again this is another effect that is completely within our range of capabilities. So I leave you now to watch the video, as you watch not only to admire the rig, but the subtle effects that add to the video to make it more interesting to watch.

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