Thursday, November 28, 2013

Steam Autumn Sale! Artistic Indie Games to Check Out!

Happy holidays everybody! It's that time of the year again where you can buy games off of Steam during their holiday sale and I wanted to share a couple hidden indie gems available at reduced prices that have quite the unique art styles. The above trailer for the game Contrast depicts the mechanic of shadow manipulation. The player is able move both in 3d as the main character, and as her cast shadow in 2d space. Hence the title Contrast which deals with the dynamic relationship between light and shadow. It has a cartoon cabaret art style that is both instantly recognizable and beautiful.

Don't Starve is a crafting survival game that has a flat, cut-paper aesthetic with an original demented circus fair soundtrack. It's flatness is accentuated by being able to rotate the player view in 3d yet all the visual elements remain two dimensional. The trailer above demonstrates this odd, yet strangely satisfying, visual paradox

Antichamber, is a first person puzzle game that forces players to disregard conventional puzzle-solving methods and substitute more creative solutions. The art style can be categorized as minimalist. Most areas are pure white save for key elements within the game which serve as visual clues, tools, and indicators of progression. I have yet to see a more abstract and playable game.

There you guys have it. Hope you guys are having a good break!

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