Friday, November 1, 2013

Freddie Wong Tack Bell commercial

I found this video on youtube the other day, freddie wong is one of my favorite modern vfx artists. He makes plenty of funny videos using techniques and programs that anyone could learn. Often aside from his original video posting page, he maintains an alternate page where he posts inside looks on his videos. I chose this video because I found it entertaining and it contained some simple yet amusing video effects to create the taco. While the mini taco bell prop may have been real, its obvious that the taco that was made on the inside was not. He must have and to track the camera movements in order for the 3d taco to look like it was indeed placed within the mini taco bell prop. And it probably took some time to create the actual digital taco that was made from the lasers. Anyway heres the video, hope you enjoy it.

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