Thursday, January 29, 2015

Legalize Ted

Recently the new trailer for Ted 2 was released showing scenes from the sequel to the highly popular movie Ted, the story of a living stuffed bear and his buddy, played by Mark Wahlberg. Now to film this movie they couldn't just take a real teddy bear and have him walk and talk through the shot, they needed to use a lot of high level animation in order to me Ted look like a real living teddy bear. Therefore, they employed the use of motion capture technology to capture actor/writer Seth MacFarlanes motions to use to make Ted's motions look more life like.
Although this video makes it appear that everything Ted does was animated through the motion capture, a blog post from one of the animators who worked on Ted tells us that, the motion capture was used mainly for the sitting and gesturing scenes, while the larger motions were completely cg animation. This blog explains that at times due to the topical nature of the jokes some scenes had to be reanimated because the jokes simply were not relevant anymore. You can learn more about the animation of Ted and the point of view of one of the animators here:

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