Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Story of Electronics

Yesterday in History and Theory of Documentary (yes I know I'm an idiot for taking it) we watched an interesting video that was animation combined with a live action talking head called "The Story of Electronics" (its about 8 minutes long but not that much of a drag)

What I really liked about this video, other than it being extremely experimental and going right over my head, is that it was very down to earth without being in your face about the problems here on earth.  The animation of the pollution, land fills and consumerism allows the big ideas to be digested by very different people.  Rather than making viewers uncomfortable with pictures of these horrific things, the video gently speaks about them with images that depict the problem in such a way that allows the viewer to understand it as a problem rather than a stomach ache.  We as humans need to start working on solutions to these problems, and we are not going to do so if we feel lectured or afraid when we speak about them; this video is a wonderful stepping stool to the point where we can effectively work on them.

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