Friday, January 23, 2015


Many of you know who, or what, the Minions are and have seen them featured in Despicable Me 1&2 and even in a few of their own shorts. But, in July this year you are going to be able to see them like never before! The Minions are getting their very own movie! The Minions gained a cult following after Despicable Me first came out. They all had different personalities and were adorably idiotic and so cute that people could not help but love everything they did. The creators capitalized off of their popularity and continued making shorts featuring only the Minions and largely ignoring the other, human, characters in the movie. One of the most famous Minion videos is their "Banana Song".

The new movie, which is scheduled for release July 10, 2015, focuses on the Minions search for a master starting from way before humans even inhabited the planet. The Minions have trouble keeping their masters around and eventually become so dejected they stop trying, until three brave Minions, Kevin, Stuart, and Bob, set off on a mission to find a new master who can handle them. Their adventures take them all the way to New York City, where antics ensue.
I love the animation used for the Despicable Me and am incredibly excited to see how the Minions movie turns out. However, the effort it takes to animate an entire feature length film with the depth and realism that is in both Despicable Me and the upcoming Minions movie is incredible. Universal made a video giving people just a little bit of an insight into what actually goes into making these movies.
It is amazing to see how many people it takes to simply animate the face of a single character. The Minions and Despicable Me are works of animation genius and show some of the incredible things 3D animation can do. Now here is my favorite Minion video.

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