Friday, January 23, 2015

Special Effects and Fan Films

Special Effects often shine their brightest when used by passionate amateur filmmakers doing what they love. YouTuber Andrew McMurry showcased his special effects skills in his recent video, Fallout vs Skyrim. 

In his video, McMurry pits together characters from Fallout 3, a sci-fi video game, and The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, a fantasy video game, in a battle to the death. The games, both products of Bethesda Game Studios, have long been in the center of debate as to which is the best RPG, and this video is the latest entry in that debate, with Fallout's guns and tech winning out over Skyrim's swords and magic.

Other than just being a fun video for video game fans, this video showcases some of the impressive effects you can pull off with the various 3D software that McMurry utilized, like After Effects and Cinema 4D. McMurry posted a video demonstrating the effects that created for his video, including dust, lightning, and glitch effects, teleportation, and a dragon.

Seeing what a skillful YouTuber can do with special effects and 3D is exciting for any aspiring artist in today's filmmaking scene.

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