Monday, January 26, 2015

The Book of Life

The Book of Life was just recently released in theaters in November and caught my eye in attractions for its beautiful art design and color concept. This film takes on the unique challenge of creating three separate worlds the world of the living, the world of remembered, and the world of the forgotten. Each world has its own unique look and feel with its own challenges. Here is a clip about the art design and the smaller details that went into making this world more realistic:

Another interesting challenge for this film was creating doll-like characters that could retain their doll-like qualities, while maintaing fluid motion.

"creating a doll-like, folk art look posed some problems for getting believable animations. Sullivan explains how one aspect of the character’s arm structure presented issues. “Manolo’s arms were extremely difficult to figure out because they’re three blocks. We discussed different options like extending the upper arm and then shortening the lower arm just because of the way that his elbow joint would move while playing the guitar. That’s a big part of the story. So, we had to ask how is that going to look appealing when you have two blocks separating and you see that joint in there. It needs to maintain the design, but it also needs to serve its function. We just wanted to make sure that things didn’t bend too much, but we still had a little squash and stretch in the animation.” -

Check out the film if you can, it's really beautifully done with a nice story.

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