Thursday, January 29, 2015

MAN - A Short by Steve Cutts

In class we have been getting more and more into animation with After Effects. So far we have completed a cube in 3D space and have learned a few different expressions. By next month we will have our name projects done and will have learned a lot more. As I was looking at various pieces of animation on youtube I came across this short animated by Steve Cutts. It says in his YouTube description that he created this animated short using Adobe Flash and After Effects, two programs that I am familiar with and am currently learning. The short follows the story of a single man, who essentially represents the entire force and motivations of mankind on our planet. As man continues to grow and evolve we continue to push other aspects to the wayside such as the environment and other living creatures. It is a short that depicts the harsh truths of our destruction as mankind, and it does so with a very effective animation.

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