Friday, January 23, 2015

PCF Studios

PCF Studios:
This is a local, Up-state New York, artist's company. His name is Philippe Faraut, and his focus is on Sculpture.

He lives in Honeoye New York, and teaches a small class on sculpting. I find his work both interesting and inspiring. He does many different kinds of sculptures like stone, bronze and clay. The style of his work is very realistic which I find intriguing. It is not easy to master the art of reality and in my opinion it is the hardest form of art to take on. This goes for all areas of art, film, sculpture, painting, drawing, etc.
Each and every one of his pieces I find telling a story. Within every one of them I find myself forming an internal analysis for who they might be and where they might have come from. They are all very expressive and are good examples for characters one must create in stories. 

(Einstein recreation)

As seen above he also does some work with recreating people from pictures. 

(Philippe working)

His wife takes all the photos for his web page and I think there is something very beautiful about the lighting in these photos that everyone can take something away from. The lighting helps to show the contours of each piece of work and is very contrasted with light and dark areas. 

Finally Philippe Faraut has also done forensic work with facial recreation from only bones. 
This is just another talent of his. Through examining the human skull he can determine the muscular composition and then the rest falls into place. 

Philippe Faraut is an artist that inspires. His works are beautiful and there is a lesson to be learned in every one of his sculptures. 

Check out his Website: 

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