Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Lego Movie

When thinking about animation movies that have really impressed me, The Lego Movie was on of them. I'm pretty biased because they were my favorite toys as a kid and I liked making stop motion films with them. So when I first heard about the Lego movie, I was already more then interested.

They amount of detail and dedication to animating explosions with lego fire pieces and real lego pieces. Some of the scenes were incredibly convincing that it was just lego's and not computers and they did this  by recreating "grudge."When creating physical animations it is difficult to keep everything pristine which leaves behind some dust, oils, and dirt on the animations. The animators replicated some of this to make it even more convincing by putting an oily finger print on Emmett.

This level of detail was applied to the entire universe they created for the film consisting of mostly real lego pieces. They also weaved in simple physical lego animations through out the film during transitions. The sound really drove the film in a way that was in tuned with it's humor. For example most of the animals made sounds that emphasized that this wasn't reality. Cats would be people saying "meow" and engine's would be people making making rumbling noises with their mouths. John Simpson did an amazing job as the foley artist and really brought the film to life. He actually did bring the film to life because there was no natural sound. Sound seems to be the difference between good and great animations.

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