Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A visit from John Levenstein

This past Monday I went into my Mass Media Research Methods class taught by Jack Powers expecting to work on our semester projects, but to be pleasantly surprised by a guest visitor: John Levenstein!
John is a comedic television writer, most famous for the show Arrested Development. Since then he has been involved with series such as Lipstick Jungle, The Life & Times of Tim, and The Inbetweeners. Hearing about his career,as well as a handful of funny stories, was really awesome. Initially he went to school for acting, but ended up enjoying writing and producing the scripts more. But recently he was asked to be an actor for part of the show Portlandia. They wanted John to be the voice of a rat for a stop-motion scene. John said that it took so much time to do all of the stop-motion that they could only get about seven seconds a day. I found the clip that we watched in class quite amusing so here it is for you to watch as well: (John is the fat rat.)

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