Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dragon Baby

So I saw an article about this video on youtube and I thought it was pretty cool. I've actually never seen Kill Bill (which partly inspired the video), but I love movies with cool kung fu and karate, and wire fu. The first thing that I really thought was cool about the video was getting the stuffed animal to move. Both the dragon and the baby are animated very well though.

After watching this video and thinking it was pretty cool. I saw that there was actually a video that the creator made before this. Except this time, it was more of a trailer, and also it was for Iron Man

And finally, this video led me to one which I found more interesting. The creator explaining how he managed to animate the scenes. I'm only going to put the first clip up, but there are 8 of them. And I think he does a pretty good job of explaining the process he went through.


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  2. For more information on the creator Patrick Boivin, see the following links:

    For more information on the 3D Animator who worked on Iron Baby and is in the making of video, see the following link:

    I'm adding these links because I was really interested in both of these guys' work and was going to post them as well.