Friday, November 2, 2012

Ich R U

      Today I have found my favorite music video of all time.  It was uploaded on October 12th and I can not believe it took me this long to see it!  It is for a song called "Ich R U" by Boys Noize, off of his new album, Out of the Black.  Why is it so great?  Almost everything in this video is made out of keyboard keys.  The lighting and filter effects are spot on.  Stop motion with these keyboard pieces is a fresh and fun way to revitalize this sometimes over done style and the lighting and colors make it that much better.  Check it out right below here to see what I mean.

      I found a making of video on Youtube, it is very impressive how this was made.  At first I though the person might have been made in After Effects but it is a person in a keyboard suit.  The coloring effects are certainly done in AE though.  The warm and cool color filters are so beautiful!

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