Friday, November 9, 2012


Last night my life forever changed:
Yes, I finally bought a three button mouse! (Round of applause) And in dedication to this marvelous purchase I thought it would be appropriate to post some Sketchup shortcuts that use a mouse because that's my new cool favorite program to play with.

Right-click~Depending on which tool is selected a right-click will bring up a menu of several options for that surface.
Center-click~This switches into orbit mode. As long as you press and hold the center button the mouse will continue to maneuver with the orbit tool.
Scroll~The center scroll wheel zooms the object closer or further away.
Shift+Center-Click~This combination temporarily switches to the pan tool. As long as they're held the pan will be active.

In addition, after hearing that Cornell architecture students have had to make campus buildings in Sketchup I got curious to see what they created. In the 3D warehouse there are some really impressive models! Here are just a few photos of Cornell buildings.
These are pictures of Lincoln Hall, Sage Hall, and the Uris Library models. Pretty awesome!!

Have a happy Cortaca weekend! :)

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