Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Look at the New Super Smash Bros

Hey everybody!

It’s me again. This week, I won’t be talking about a show, but this time rather, a video game. I’m pretty sure everybody who grew up with a Nintendo 64 will know what I’m talking about when I mention the new Super Smash Bros game. This is a game that I grew up with and my childhood, and back when this game was new, the graphics weren’t very sophisticated. Now with this fourth sequel, the scenery looks like something out of a storybook, and the characters look even more real; You can see Charizard’s arm flexing as it prepares to attack, you can see the stitching on Mario’s overalls as he runs, and you can see the newcomer, which is the new Pokemon, Greninja (who is awesome and is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle that I always wanted) move it’s body like an acrobat and so fluidly. The camera angles makes the action seem so much more intense and almost 15 years ago, graphics like these were a complete pipe dream (pun sort of intended because Mario used to be a plumber). The graphics for this entire commercial is absolutely incredible and this is definitely something I would love to do for a living. If you’re a video game kind of person, it would be a sin for you to not give this game a look.

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