Friday, September 19, 2014

If a fight happens in a boxing ring, but there are no boxers present, did a match really occur?

Video Artist

Considering that I am three weeks late on publishing my inaugural blog post, I figured I needed to bring something to the discussion that would make up for my previous absence. That something is an introduction, for those of who you may not have heard of him, to the video artist Paul Pfeiffer. After watching the short video above, it will probably become clear as to why I thought this class is a perfect place to look at his work. I was introduced to The Long Count in my Experimental Media class earlier this semester and when Arturo showed us the camoflauging work he was doing for that period film in After Effects, I recognized that for a skill set that generally gets put to work making other people's projects polished and finalized, Pfeiffer was using those exact same techniques, over ten years ago,  on raw footage and was making them his own. 

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