Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Forrest Gump: The Animated Movie

Forrest Gump is quite the movie. Not only is it lovely story-wise, it features some pretty amazing CGI, from leg removal to ping pong ball addition and beyond. The quality of work in this movie was impressive in 1994 and continues to be amazing.

This video goes into the making of the ever-famous, super deep Feather Scene. The scene itself is often considered the ultimate metaphor for the whole movie, channeling the idea of “wherever the wind blows.” Funnily enough, the wind of this scene was completely choreographed. The graphics people working on Forrest Gump were able to composite a blue-screen video of someone controlling the flutter of the feather onto the exiting scene and meshing it to an actual feather that Forrest interacts with in the scene. Everything had to be planned and thought out extremely thoroughly for the scene to work. And boy did it work.

Another really cool part of Forrest Gump is whenever Forrest shows up in historical footage—meeting JFK, sitting with John Lennon. The behind the scenes video shows how much matching, masking, augmenting, and altering went in to realistically putting Tom Hanks in the scene. These scenes really show the magic of the green (or in this case blue) screen. Forrest Gump is quite the testament to CGI and animation in a movie that might not be immediately associated with animation.

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