Friday, September 12, 2014

Flash Back Friday...Oprah Style!

Hi there,

As I learn more about animation, the process of animation and the incredible tools available to assist this process, my mind is continually blown. There is so much involved in creating a successful animation, title sequence or graphic. Luckily there are some amazing computer tools out there that simply the process.

These tools didn't always exist. As with most things technology wise I am always amazed with how quality things were produced in the past without the help of these advanced technological tools. Take a look at one of the earliest intros of The Oprah Winfrey show. These were well produced, full of life, music and graphics.

I can not fathom the amount of time and energy spent in producing these pieces. Bravo and special shout-outs to all the early editors, animators and graphic designers out there!

Until next time,

Alex Cammy

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