Friday, September 26, 2014

Gritty Reboots: The Process

Gritty Reboots is a youtube channel dedicated to remaking nostalgic television shows/video games/comics into something more well, gritty. And while these videos may or may not be your cup of tea, it’s interesting to see the kind of effects they have to do to accomplish what they want. They divide their work into three parts: the final product video, the back-to-back comparison video, and the how it was done video. They’re definitely a channel I’d recommend checking out if you’d like to see the process of video production and after effects with a small-scale company.

    Looking through their work, Gritty Reboots definitely had built a signature look: dark and edgy. They're lighting is more often than not borderline cold, catering to the dynamics of light and dark in a picture. It only makes sense given that they're final products are marketed as being more serious than their whimsical origins. 

    The before and after is a good look at what their original shots looked like without all the color-grading and special effects. It's really interesting to see what a change in lighting here or a single mask there, makes in a film. 

   Similar to other small-scale video production companies on the internet (such as the Hillywood show), Gritty Reboots has a small team that knows how to get the shot. Their behind-the-scenes are as interesting (if not more) than the final product. To me at least, it shows just how able you are to accomplish something if you're willing to put in the work. Like other BTSs of theirs, they also offer a glimpse in to the entire production process as a whole. Yes, these aren't meant to be tutorials but they can do just fine as inspiration.
   Gritty Reboots is certainly a company that's worth looking at, even if it's just to see their feats they've managed to accomplish. 

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