Thursday, September 11, 2014


Im sure he's been posted on this blog a million times, but one of the most impressive and most popular displays of animation excellence on YouTube has to be Freddie Wong. His newer YouTube channel is called Rocket Jump, but all of his older stuff is still on the "freddiew" channel. If you're a fan of video games or action movies, his videos are sure to entertain you, and the effects he uses in his videos always look great. His videos get millions of views each, so he's no secret, but here's some of my favorites:

These are all really well done and show some creative and funny uses of After Effects. The Epic VFX Time video in particular was great to watch again after a couple classes, knowing now how I might approach creating those effects. The rain of guns looked exactly like the particle effect we were playing with Tuesday. I could be wrong, but I'd guess you could turn those particles into almost anything. That idea alone gets me excited to keep playing around with AE.

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