Sunday, September 21, 2014

It's me again, tapping into my inner passion for the childhood television series that lit up a rather dark childhood.

Whether this show is animated or not is debatable, but nevertheless played a very big part of my childhood when I was very little. It's definitely not a non-fiction series because the last time I checked, trains don't have faces, but its a show that will always resonate with me and quite recently I learned about the kind of production that goes into making this show; Thomas the Tank Engine. They shoot the show as if it were an actual set, and they build everything from the engines, scenery and people from scratch and have different faces for different expressions. I think it's incredibly neat what these producers and directors have been able to do with this show. I'm sure a lot of you saw at least a few episodes while growing up, but below me is one that stands out as one of my favorites.

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