Saturday, October 13, 2012

Motion Imaging Journal

I work in the back office space at the library on campus and one of my tasks is to check in the new periodicals. It's one of my more fun tasks because I get to read the cool magazines like People, Sports Illustrated, National Geographic, etc. But there are also a bunch of educational periodicals- which greatly outnumber the entertainment news. One of the periodicals that would pertain to our class is the SMPTE (which stands for Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers) Motion Imaging Journal. Their website sums up the publication concisely, "Each issue covers a special topic including file-based workflow, compression, 3D, audio, distribution formats, advances in lighting, sustainability, digital cinema and much more." The journal is published eight times a year and every article is peer reviewed by a great board of editors. Some of the editors are affiliated with groups such as 20th Century Fox, HBO, Avid Technology Inc., and many more big names. If you are curious to look at the Motion Imaging Journal in the library the call number is 'Per TR845.S6' and it's up on the 4th floor. Found right beside the Motion Imaging Journal in the stacks is The American Cinematographer which discusses major motion pictures in theaters and the technical production for each one. I have found skimming through these is very interesting too!

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