Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Imagine Dragons and It's Time

I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with the band Imagine Dragons, but if you aren't prepare to be introduced.

Imagine Dragons.
Imagine Dragons was formed in Utah in 2009 and currently the band is based out of Las Vegas where they got their start. Their first studio album, Night Visions, was released on September 4th, 2012 and features their hit single It's Time.

I personally love "It's Time" because I really like this kind of alternative style of music. Some of my favorite bands are cut from the same cloth as Imagine Dragons, like The Black Keys, Parachute, Passion Pit, and others.

Imagine Dragons' first album, Night Visions

The music video preceded the release of the album, as it was a single,  and features the band in what appears to be a post-apocaplytic world. The video opens on a vast, bleak desert littered with remnants of civilization and devoid of vegetation. I really love the animation in this video because I love how forlorn and enigmatic the colors of the desert are. The use of blues and grays to make the viewer feel like the world really ended. Apart from the colors, I think the scene towards the end, where the storm breaks out and the band is seen running across the desert in an attempt to avoid it is really cool. And of course, when they drop that little glowing seed into the ground and all hell breaks loose, the animation used to show the smoke monster emerging from the explosion is incredible. That kind of animation must have taken forever because of the way in which it moves. It replicates the natural movement of smoke really well and it looks amazing in the video. The end especially is really cool when the smoke column rises into the sky and breaks the storm up allowing the sun to come through.

Overall the use of animation in this music video is amazing, and I thought it would be something everyone else might want to see.

Finally, if you recognize the song, it's probably because you heard it in the Perks of Being a Wallflower film trailer. I've added that just in case you wanted to see/hear it in a different context. Enjoy!

(starts at 1:16)

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