Thursday, October 25, 2012


In honor of Halloween, I thought I would post about a zombie movie.  This movie is called ParaNorman.

This summer I was an intern at VideoLink in Newton, MA.  Cassie Affleck came in the office one day to promote his new movie, ParaNorman.  He played the voice of Mitch Downe.  For several hours I rolled the ParaNorman trailor so the organizations interviewing him could throw in clips of the movie.  Besides pushing play and record buttons, I learned a lot about how the movie was made, and it fascinated me.  The makers of Coraline made this 3D- stop motion movie.  It was also the first stop motion film to use a 3D color printer to create each character's face.  It is the second stop motion film to be shot in 3D.  The film was in production for about 3 years with the animating stage of production lasting 2 years.  So pushing buttons had its benefits that day.  I got to meet Casey AND learn about the production process.  

It is amazing how "life like" this movie is.  The 3D effects don't distract the audience, but rather give the stop motion another dimension.  This kind of convergence of stop motion, 3D, and animation is what makes me so excited for the future of films.

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