Friday, October 26, 2012


The first time I saw a trailer for Inception I was pretty excited.  Aside from the fact that it was being made by Christopher Nolan who directed The Dark Knight (a movie that I also really liked a lot), and that the ensemble cast was amazing, the trailer just looked really really cool.  Since there wasn't a lot of plot points shown in the trailer, the things that got me excited were the special effects.  Inception used special effects really well to help create the atmosphere and help explain the story.  It also used those effects very realistically considering how out of the box some of them were.  I like that there was a mixture of complex and simple effects. Some things I feel like I could do now (like slow motion shots) but other effects seem very complicated. At one point the city seems to fold on top of itself and it doesn't look fake, it looks like the world is just changing. The scope of some of these effects is super large too. Like in the dream world, there are establishing shots of a city that is literally crumbling. And of course there are some really cool zero gravity scenes that look awesome. I would love to learn about how they managed to do all of the special effects in this film. 

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