Wednesday, January 22, 2014

First blog post for the class... Here it goes!

So I decided to make this post about something that Arturo mentioned towards the end of the class that really sparked my attention: Render-farms. It peaked my interest because I LOVE computer stuff and hearing it made me think about it and want to look more into it. So away we go.

Doing some research online about what a Render-farm is, I come across a slew of images.Taking a look at these, clearly the range in size from small enough to fit into filing drawers or large enough to blow your mind. That's what they would look like. However, when you hear the words "render-farm," I'm sure you're curious to know what it actually is. The simple definition is a large number of computers all wired together in order to render large videos. A more technical definition, according to Wikipedia, the higher the quality of the images and videos, the more processing they would need to keep that quality. When an image needs more processing, clearly more time is going to be needed. So in order to shorten that time, having more computing power does just that. The more computers you have and the more power you have in each of said computers, the faster the rendering will be completed WHILE keeping the quality that you want.

So in retrospect, if you want a feature length film that is shot in 1080p to be finished by a deadline in a week, a Render-farm is most definitely going to be in need.

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