Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The limitless possibilities of CGI and Animation

The video, brought to you by the YouTube channel, The Cgbros, is a character animation reel highlighting some of the best work of veteran animator, Greg Towner. Watching the reel is simply a riveting experience. Having watched all of his work up to this point, it's astonishing to find out that all of it was worked on by the same man. Towner certainly has quite the résumé.

I've seen all of these movies, and I've always wondered exactly how they were made. I mean, seriously! King Kong? That movie is almost entirely CGI and animation. Transformers? It has some of the most complex-looking CGI I've ever seen. At this moment in time, I find it absurd to even dream about the possibility of being able to make projects such as these in my lifetime.

Without the endless talent of Towner bestowed upon him by the limitless possibilities of CGI and animation, movies like this could never exist. That's a fact. I don't really know anything about how such creations came to be, but it's my goal to find out.

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