Thursday, January 23, 2014


So I'd be lying if I said all of the information thrown at me on the first day of class didn't make me piss my pants (figuratively) but at the same time I'm looking forward to learning how to do all of these fancy  tricks and effects. I've always enjoyed making crude animations and pictures to post on Facebook (not to brag but I'm pretty good with MS Paint; Please try to keep your pants up, I know) but I always wanted to learn how to do more.

The video below I saw on a late night show called "Off the Air" on Adult Swim. Each episode is a 15-minute collection of independently made surreal videos. This one, called SyncBody by Daihei Shibata, is interesting. While there isn't much depth to the plot, the animation, effects, and music make it an interesting watch. Many of the subtle effects which may have been random experiments in development play out to create a visual wonder. The music is essential because if I turn off the sound I feel like I'm watching a glitched commercial for a Japanese PS2 game. To me, at least, it stylishly complements both the subtle and harsh movements.

The entire thing is pretty creepy. But watching it over and over again, and being a beginner in the field, I think about each little detail. How long does it take to do something as little as making the hair move? How was the girl designed to look so fluid and realistic? What amount of avant-garde effects draws the line between artistic and not making any sense? I'd love to be able to make a video like this and figure that all out by myself.

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