Thursday, January 23, 2014

First Blog

Before I talk about a video I found, I would like to talk about how amazing the video we watched in class was. It is so fascinating to see such great artwork be done and how realistic it appears. The work looked almost too perfect and to say that it was all done by hand is amazing. That is true talent.

Video made with after effects

This is a cool video I found that was made in adobe after effects. Literally everything except the characters and the birds were made in AE. Luis Aguirre who is the creator of the video used lots of great textures, transitions and animations. Luis also had a nice color scheme that played well with the story. I'm excited to learn so much in adobe AE but I know that to get to this level of greatness it will take lots of practice and lots of time spent in the program. In his description of his video he mentions that this piece took months and months to perfect. You can definitely see the time that has been put into this video with the level of details includes and the story of the video. The music also adds a very nice touch to this story and brings it all together.

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