Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I've never been too into cameras, I'm more of an editing/computer guy, but I heard about this camera and had to look into it. The camera is called Blackmagic Cinema Camera, and from the sounds of it, this camera is amazing, with an even more amazing price. The price of this camera is about $3,000. Much less expensive than the cameras we have here.

Probably the coolest feature (to me) is the format it can record in. It includes information that can be compatible with the editing system you'll be using. It also includes a screen to enter the shot number, scene number, and timecode.

It is able to change lenses based on what you're doing, and has perfect quality to make anything look like an actual film. Probably even better with all of this is it includes DaVinci Resolve (color correcting software) and Ultrascope.

I can't wait to see what people with even small budgets will be able to do with a camera like this. Personally if I had the money, I would be buying it right now so I don't have to worry about paying the school more than twice that amount for one of their cameras.

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