Monday, February 11, 2013

Fantastic closing credits

This past weekend I watched "Blue Valentine" and was completely blown away by the closing credits. Normally I don't watch credits to the end but I felt so compelled to watch the entirety of this film. I think the role of the closing credits is to make the viewer reflect on the film they just watched, and these credits do just that. 

SPOILER ALERT. The ending to "Blue Valentine" is really sad. I'm usually not the sappy, romantic type but this film really hit home for me and the closing credits really drove home this melancholy, depressing feeling. 

 I love how the fireworks effect is used to reveal fragments of still images of the two main characters, Dean and Cindy. Not only is the effect really beautiful, the fireworks also serve as a visual metaphor to the passionate and tumultuous relationship the two had. And on top of that, the effect syncs to this really emotional musical track. 

 I'd love to learn how to produce this effect. I'm just guessing, but I think the effect can be mimicked in After Effects with a particle playground that is linked to the exposure of a layer. 

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