Thursday, February 28, 2013

screen size

hey just for everyone to know here is the info for the screen size on the 700 for pi

Jumbo size 4.3-inch flip-out LCD panel

Complementing the new high resolution viewfinder is a large LCD flip out monitor that can be used in recording, playback, clip management, and menu operation. Cross-key control makes menu navigation a breeze. The interface is very intuitive, with up down/left-right buttons on the same control disk. Selections are made by pressing the center of the disk. When in the camera mode, a blue LED lamp outlines the disk. When in the media playback/management mode, the color changes to green. A Red display indicates that the camera is in the USB or IEEE-1394 (slave) mode. (The LED can be turned off with a menu choice.)
Extensive image customization is available. Thanks to the oversize monitor screen, the user see changes to the image as the setting is being made, eliminating guesswork. Individual user settings are stored on an SDHC card and may be restored to any GY-HM700 camera.

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