Friday, February 1, 2013

Disney's "Lion King" - in 3D!

The creator of this video is from this page on Tumblr. It is also accessible on YouTube, which is uploaded by Lifesuit.

This video parodies a memorable scene in the movie, "The Lion King", in which a certain character dies from betrayal. While the movie version was emotional, this version changes everything. At it looks like the creator used 3D models of the lions and animated them (with a bit of the puppet tool being used that you'll see in 0:13).

My guess is that the models could've been used in Blender or Milkshake 3D possibly with some puppet tool editing in Flash or Affect Effects.

The weird thing about this video is that it gained over a million views in less than a week. I understand why, it's too hilarious that you would just watch it again and again. Even though the animation is not impressive at all, it does well in humor in my opinion.

I suggest you all check it out, especially if you've already seen the movie.

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