Thursday, February 21, 2013

History of Visual Effects

So after Arturo's blog showed us some of  Len  Lye's work I decided to search for other old visual effects.  I came across this video that shows the progression of visual effects from 1900 till today.  It is really interesting to see how far effects have come and to see that some techniques are still used today.

 The first movie shown is The Enchanted Drawing which was directed by J. Stuart Blackton.  It is just a video of an artist drawing a face and a bottle of wine and then he takes the wine and the man gets sad.  This seems like the most simplest idea, but I am sure if I had watched it back in 1900 I would have sworn it has witchcraft.  Even though today it would be basic it still took a lot of imagination to come up with an idea like that.


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