Friday, February 1, 2013

Bonobo Music Video

I’m into all different types of music, but recently I’ve been getting into trip hop and other electronic types of music. I recently came across a music video for this song “Cirrus” by Bonobo and the music video blew me away. This music video takes old clips from old 1950 films and creates a collage of moving images. Although it starts off pretty normal it takes a huge turn fast and the creator layers all the original clips we saw on top of each other. One thing that I really like about this video is the clips move to the beat of the song. It makes the clips flow really well and not look as random. It’s also really interesting they were able to pan on the images, it created a cool effect. Creating music videos like these are something I’m extremely interested in, I hope I can get editing skills like these someday.  I think we began to sort of work on something like this, with moving the square to the bass/treble of the song. Although this video has kind of a creepy/eery feeling it’s definitely fun to watch and plays with your head. 

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