Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Camp Century - POV Hackathon

I really love the idea of using animation and programming to bring things to life. An example of this is a military base called Camp Century. The base has been destroyed since then and the only documentation of it is old photographs. So how do you bring a nonexistent place and story to life in a film with out Ken Burns boring us to death? That was one of the many obstacles that Anrick Bregman, Brian Chirls, and Luigi De Rosa faced when making this project. What they did was took these old images and brought them to life in an interactive way to help tell the story. You can explore it as a military base, a social experiment, or climate study. It's almost set up as a choose your own adventure but it's a documentary. I think this style is ground breaking for documentary films. Instead of being a passive viewer you can explore the base and photos and let your own curiosity explore the story. This is only a prototype but I think we will be seeing more and more of things like this as technology and access to technology becomes more affordable.

Here is the link to the prototype page and a more detailed description about them.

Camp Century Prototype page

Blog page

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