Thursday, March 5, 2015

What does WiFi look like?

Have you every wondered what your WiFi signal looked like if you could see radio waves?  The TV show Alphas gave us one possibility with Gary being able to see radio waves.  But there are other options to depict WiFi signals.  The office of Development and Design created an advertisement for Bright House Networks emphasizing their routers and WiFi boxes for their whole-house network solution.   By using different widths and styles of line, their multi colored ribbons of light illustrate the different kinds of signals coming through a WiFi transmitter.  This animations to me is very cool because it allows the unseen to be seen, like an X-Ray.  It is an example of animators using their power of creativity to express their views of the world to people sitting in their living rooms and let them know about a world they might not have known about.

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