Thursday, March 5, 2015

Shuffling Around Animation Styles

Usually when you think of a cartoon, you expect that all the characters and background will be in some kind of unified style. But that is not the case with a popular cartoon that currently runs of Cartoon Network, The Amazing World of Gumball.

The main character, Gumball, and his family are a typical 2-dementional cartoon, though the world that they live in is rendered in 3D. And it's not just the difference between the main characters and the background that makes this show unique. Many of the supporting characters are also in differing animation styles. There are some characters rendered in 3D, like the Tina T-Rex and Bobert the Robot, and a others are made with realistic CG, creating real world objects like a balloon and a piece of toast, just slap on a face and they are characters.

It's a quirky little show, and if nothing else, it is really interesting to see the different animation styles interact with one another.

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