Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Google Maps Pac Man

I know what most of you must be thinking, after just reading this post's title, but Google has just taken April Fool's jokes to a whole new level. One of the most famous arcade games released by Namco, Pac-Man took the American nation by storm. Starting in arcade halls, to home entertainment systems, and most recently to hand-held game devices, the Pac-Man saga stands as one of the most-played franchises in video game history.

At this point in our lives, I think it's safe to assume that everyone knows the many tricks played on April Fool's Day (maybe being horror stories). But the folks at Google decided to take a more productive approach by combining retro gaming and nostalgia with an educational approach to understanding geographical directions (reading maps). Upon connecting to the Google Maps main page, the user is prompted with an option to explore the surrounding area from a virtual perspective. While this added option may not be the best use of time and may present further distractions from completing assigned homework, it allows Google to connect to the community by sharing its admiration for the Pac-Man franchise and once again showing the company's appreciation of its users.

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