Thursday, March 19, 2015


LoopdeLoop is a bimonthly animation festival that features short, looping animations.

The festival itself is based out of Australia, however the organization behind LoopdeLoop has ventured into the United States and many other countries over the past year or so. What makes this festival a little different is that people from anywhere in the world can submit their animation to be voted on by the public. Each festival also has a theme that all submitted animations have to be inspired by. Past themes include hallucinations, light, frustration, and childhood. Over the past few weeks they've been posting loops for the current theme, gravity, for people to vote on.

They recently updated their website HERE so that you can go through all the festival submissions from both current and past themes. Unfortunately their videos aren't embeddable on blogger so you have to go directly to the website, but I definitely recommend you take a look at some of the loops. Some of them are really unique.

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