Thursday, March 5, 2015

ParaNorman Main-On-End Title Sequence

The spooky, yet heartwarming film, ParaNorman follows an outcast boy who can talk to the dead. It has a really cool main-on-end title sequence that consists of motion paintings as White Stripes' "Little Ghost" plays. The fun freeze-frames on each significant character with their credit.

As Art of the Title says, "With ghoulish typefaces and delightfully old-fashioned screen transitions, the sequence pays homage to the Saturday night horror flicks that inspired Norman’s spine-chilling adventure."

LAIKA/house artist and illustrator Aaron Sorenson directed the title sequence. The film's co-directors, Chris Butler and Sam Fell, had a vision inspired by old Hollywood horror posters. They wanted art for crew titles and credit roll for eight minutes, so there was a lot of planning and layout to figure out. It took six months in all, and the whole process went through many different stages.

Sorenson said the initial design stages were the hardest. "Getting the compositions to work in a wide-screen format was a challenge, but more importantly we had to integrate the stylized poster images with the characters’ personalities and key scenes."

Also, if you want to see an amazing Making Norman video - check this out:

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