Thursday, March 5, 2015


My favorite animation of all time was created a few years ago by a stop-motion artist who goes by the name of "PES". It was called "Fresh Guacamole". The short animation looks at the process of making fresh guacamole in a totally unique way, using common household objects in place of the ingredients. It was widely popular and racked up more than 11-million YouTube views. If you haven't seen it already, take a look for yourself before reading any further. This is one of the only videos I've seen that I can say anyone in the world would enjoy watching:

"Fresh Guacamole" won the Academy Award for best short film in 2013. The video was actually somewhat of a sequel to an earlier short film along the same line called "Western Spaghetti" which you can watch here:

If you are craving more videos like this, you are in luck, because two months ago PES released a third video called "Submarine Sandwich":

What I love about this video is that PES released a "Making Of" video to show you how he shot the entire thing, frame-by-frame:

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