Thursday, March 19, 2015

FIFA Celebrations

In the video game franchise FIFA the animations of the players are so great that you can see even the smallest hairs and the renderings of the stadiums are so realistic that if you have been to the stadium you can pick out the seat you sat in. However, one of the most interesting things that the designers have had to animate into the game are the goal celebrations that you can do as a player. They have a number of custom made celebrations that any of the players can do, while also including celebrations that either only certain players can do or they need a certain set of skills. These animations are difficult to do because they have to make the players do something outside of their normal range of playing the game of soccer. Some of them are as simple as picking up the ball with their hands while others are much more in-depth such as backflips. These animations offer very little to the actual gameplay with the exception of a few seconds of gloating at your opponent.

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