Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fringe Title Sequence and Overwhelming Assets

This is the opening titles for "Fringe" on Fox, which I just learned recently was designed by Andrew Kramer of Video Copilot fame. The thing I want to draw your attention to is how much is going on in this sequence, but also its simplicity. The whole thing is incredibly slick, the "moving off into the horizon" transition is very cool, and there are several lens flare effects in there too. There are several easily identifiable assets, like the hand and the frog that are fairly straightforward. But there are a bunch that you have to go frame by frame to figure out. This style of "overwhelming assets" seems pretty common in a lot of TV title sequences, where the designers through up so many images it's impossible to keep up.

Another prominent example of this is the title sequence for "The Big Bang Theory" where the whole intro is literally an overwhelming series of flash images. The thing I think is interesting, and why I personally appreciate the Fringe intro more, is the elegance at which the Fringe intro comes back to a non-scattered state. It has a bunch of flash images, then comes back to the sci fi words, and back again. You never feel completely overwhelmed, whereas in the Big Bang Theory titles the same effect is used to overwhelm intentionally. 

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