Thursday, September 19, 2013

Michael Riley

Michael Riley is a designer from Palo Alto, California.  His career began over 20 years ago and he has been known for designing some great sequences.  A few of his most popular ones are the "Kung Fu Panda" opening sequence and the "Gattaca" opening sequence.  Riley has received numerous design honors, including a Gold Medal From D&AD, five Primetime Emmy nominations, and an Art Directors Club Silver Medal for the design of the Marvel Pictures theatrical logo.
Above is the link to the Kung Fu Panda title sequence.  This sequence by Riley has a very unique style.  The animation almost looks like a 3D diagrams where the layers are made out of paper.   The style is also very anime, and the panda looks more abstract than the actual movie's animation.  This sequence is very "cartoon" esque and relies heavily on the animation aspect.
This link of the "Gattaca" title sequence is very different than Kung-Fu Panda.  It is very calm, playing with different shades of blue.   It only tends to focus on one thing at a time, drawing the viewers attention to specific and simple motions.

Michael Riley's style is variable and flexible, very unique and artistic.

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