Friday, September 20, 2013

Ben Radatz making the king of cool cool again

Who is the coolest smooth operator of all film history well in my opinion it's james bond. But even though the emotional nostalgia that keeps me re watching Dr. No will have me eternally faithful to Sean Connery. Bond was reborn and he had to be cool again. One of the things i expect to see in every bond movie is an Awesome opening sequence. Designer Ben Radatz co founder of  MK12 a motion graphics and design collective produce my favorite bond sequence to date. Its a modern twist on the classic bond imagery silhouettes of  the secret agent poised ready to shoot. of course it has tons of sex appeal and is fluent with the background track  by alicia keys and jack white titled another way to die.

I love how the camera transitions to different scenes so seamlessly nd the combination of live action images and cgi is fabulous.

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