Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cutout style animation

This is an interesting animation that I found, put out by Riot Games, creators of the video game "League of Legends". The content isn't all that important, but when I saw it, the animation style really caught my eye. It starts out with the "animation of words" style graphics that Arturo showed in class. Where it gets interesting is when it gets into the animation of gameplay sequences. The point of these animations is to represent gameplay without actually showing recorded gameplay. It is a pseudo-cutout style, and involves a lot of 2d graphics moving around in a somewhat 3d space. The cutout characters move around and do the actions they normally do within the game, but in the cutout style that the video uses. The whole time, the video follows the narrator using the "stream of consciousness" sort of style that this type of video tends to use. It seems to me that one of the harder things about making this video would be making the elements recognizable to players while still making each asset unique. Each action that these "faces with weapons"take is one that is based on the game, and since the video is made for players, needs to be recognizable to them. However, using this 2d cutout style would naturally make this difficult to pull off. Overall, its a very cool animation that accomplishes its intention well.

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