Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Gareth Smith & Jenny Lee are self described filmmakers, designers, and collaborators. They are known for major title sequences for the films Juno, Thank You For Smoking, and Up In The Air.

Juno's opening sequence was a unique breath of fresh air in the design world. Incorporating folk principles into each detail of the composition, gives it a feel that you rarely see in major Hollywood films anymore.

The two were masters at distilling the title character into her most basic, and even cutesy attributes. Not only did they enhance Ellen Paige's award winning performance, but they gave it new depth and imagery that helped build her character's core.

The couple posted a behind the scenes 'making of' blog post in which they chronicle their production experience. They painstakingly stitched 900 photographs to create a two and a half minute hybrid mixed cartoon.

"We wanted to create something that had texture and a little bit of edge, but also imparted the warmth and heart of the screenplay." - Gareth Smith

Juno - movie titles from DYRM Daily on Vimeo.

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